Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my website cost?

The investment required depends on your goals and requirements. Our flagship website service starts at a $6668 investment for the first year ($5000 one-time content strategy, design and build fee and $139/month for website care and free ultra-fast cloud hosting).

This will get you a custom designed, conversion optimised website with the critical website sections you need to get more business as well as ongoing hosting, website care and support. The more ambitious you are, the more you will need to invest as the one time component. 

This classifies us as an "affordable web design agency" where the average cost is 3- 4x your investment with us if you hire a conventional agency. If you're looking for something "cheaper", it's best if you seek another company. We only work with businesses that are committed to actually having an effective website, growing and investing in their success. If we don’t think we’re a good fit for you and your business, we’ll let you know.

How long will it take to build my website?

Every website is unique to the client and the specific needs. A typical website can be expected to launch within 3-6 weeks.

Who provides the content for my website?

You can provide your own content, but we recommend that we take care of your content if you want your website to generate leads. The problem with most website content is that it does not communicate anything at all - it only confuses people. People are drawn to clarity and away from confusion. Clarity will always win.

We’ll write expert copy for you that makes your message clear to customers instead of putting them off. Images must 'wow' and show how you improve your client's life. They make or break a website, so we take care of this for you unless you can provide photos that achieve this.

We know the formula for an effective content strategy. We will work closely with you on this with your input on our journey.

Will my website work on mobiles and tablets?

Absolutely! We design and build our websites to look incredible and function perfectly on any screen size or device.

Where are you located?

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our studio is in the central suburb of Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Do I need a website care plan?

In short, yes. A website is not set and forget and they are prone to attacks and hacking. The way to combat that is by making sure your website is regularly backed up and updated. Your website also requires ongoing performance scans and optimisations, uptime monitoring. From experience with our clients, we guarantee you will also make use of the unlimited support that comes with your care plan!

Website care is like servicing your car – if you don’t have regular maintenance carried out, your car will stop working properly, you will damage it and run into problems that cost tons to fix. Just like a car, your website needs regular care to keep it working 24/7 and insurance to protect it.

We take a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach with our care plans to make sure your website is safe, secure, and up to date. Read more about what you get and why it's so important on our website hosting and care page.

What if I already have hosting?

Many hosts and don't meet our minimum standards in terms of speed, security and uptime. Most web hosts are charging too much to provide you with an old technology called 'shared hosting'. This means your website shares space on one server with thousands of other websites, increasing their profits, whilst drastically slowing down your page load speeds and causing other issues. As a result, you get slow load times, visitors abandoning your website, poor search rankings (Google punishes slow websites) and lost business.

We cannot deliver the results that we promise on substandard hosting and only work with businesses that are serious about their website's performance. We will build and launch your new website on our state of the art 'cloud' hosting. And, you pay less than you would to these other dubious web hosts.

Even better - if you are on a website care plan, you get our hosting thrown in for no extra charge. 

What about domain names?

If you have a domain name, great! You don't need to change anything. We can get your site set up with what you have as your domain name provider does not have any affect the performance of your website. If you need us to register a domain name for you, we can take care of this.

Get your website done right 
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Most small businesses are missing out on customers because they have an ineffective website. Websites That Work knows how to get your website design right so that you get more customers and grow your business.


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