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Avoid Common Website Mistakes

Most Websites are a Waste of Money

When you've spent money on a website that doesn't get you a ton of new business, you may feel frustrated. The problem with most websites is they aren’t communicating anything at all. They are only confusing people. If you have a website that is ineffective, you are going to lose a lot of money.
Most websites fail because they...
Are cluttered
Don't communicate anything
Lack clarity
Make it hard to do business with you
Confuse people
Don't convert visitors into leads
You absolutely have to get your website right.
There’s a secret to this and we know it.
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Get a Website That Works

We know how to design a website that will increase your business. Our websites are designed to:

Avoid Website Mistakes

Avoid common website mistakes that are putting potential customers off and costing you money.

Clarify Your Value

Get strategic content that gives people a compelling reason to engage your business.

Win More Business

Position yourself as the go to company. Turn visitors into leads and make a ton of new business.

Recent Websites

Website designed to convert leads
Rainbow Youth Website Redesign

We'll Design Your Website With as Much Care as Our Own

As a small kiwi business ourselves, we understand that every dollar you invest in your business needs to be well worth it. There are countless web designers promising the world and not delivering. We don't just know the secret to getting your website right - we make sure we get it right.


Our new website has increased the number of business enquiries we get and we love the new design. Communication was fast and the team were dedicated to delivering against our objectives. A great experience all around.

Rainbow Youth

Our new website has helped us reach our stakeholders easily. We've had so much positive feedback about how easy it is to find information, and an increase in donations and sales. Highly recommended!

Fly to the limit

We’re getting roughly 16 leads a day from our website. Before we had our website redesigned, we averaged around 1-3 leads a week. We’ve also had a huge increase in bookings coming in directly from the website.

How to Get a Website That Works


We ask the right questions to discover the core of your business needs and goals. This sets the stage for success.


We’ll make sure you have the critical content on your website, designed to engage a visitor within the first five seconds. We'll implement strategy to make your conversion rates go up.


You own a website that finally works! On top of that, we stay on watch 24/7 with ongoing website hosting and care so your website performs and business flows.

5 Ways Other Web Designers Rip You Off

Know exactly what you should be getting when you hire a web designer. Discover 5 common ways that web designers rip you off plus quick tips that will help you to avoid these pitfalls.
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How Will Your Business Benefit From a Website That Works?

Lots of web designers will sell you a template and fill it in with ineffective content. Or, at best, sell you a piece of pretty looking art. But without the right content and design strategy, that website won't do much.

If you've wasted money on one of these websites, you may not be sure who to trust, or feel ripped off. You are not alone. You just need the right tools so you can be the confident owner of a website that actually works to grow your business. With post graduate qualifications and industry experience in design, marketing and branding, we have the genuine expertise you need. 

Get your website done right 
so your business thrives.

How much money have you lost with a website that doesn't work?

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Most small businesses are missing out on customers because they have an ineffective website. Websites That Work knows how to get your website design right so that you get more customers and grow your business.


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