Meet Bruna Rodrigues - A Change Maker! Bruna founded Mint to advocate to reduce the waste created by plastic-based disposable period products and baby products. Her goal is to take her products to major retailers in the country to create a massive impact on consumer behaviour.

About Bruna and her Winning Woman journey: I was raised in the Amazon in Brazil. When I was 19 I migrated to NZ, where I had the opportunity to complete my Bachelor of Commerce from University of Auckland and dive into a journey in FMCG with a leading food/ beverage company. I love business and In 2020, I decided to utilise my skillset to launch a business focused on sustainability as I learnt about the devastating impact single-use plastic-based period products are having on our landfill.Have you been following the news lately? Floods, sandstorms, drought, fires? However, what is very visible is the amount of plastics that are going to our landfills and oceans. Waste is massive. Animals, fish and birds eating plastic and becoming our food. I am a person that menstruates.

Every 26 days, I used to go through at least 20 x plastic-based period products and packaging. Statistics NZ points out there are around 1,000,000 women between 14 and 45 currently living in the country. If we do the math, each woman goes through in average 20 x period products per cycle. There are about 12 cycles a year. Hence, we have 4 million period products and their packaging and wrappers going to our landfill every week. In NZ alone. 3,000 tons of period waste a year, straight to our landfill or oceans. What could I do about it? I needed to change that, starting from me.

Our sustainable Period Panties, Pads and Menstrual Cups are the right move towards a clean environment. They also offer the convenience of 12 hours absorption. In addition to that, there is no research that unequivocally declares disposable feminine hygiene products are safe, and independent studies by women’s health organizations have found chemicals of concern like dioxin, carcinogens, and reproductive toxins in tampons and pads. Our materials are sustainable and healthy, bamboo is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, natural and chemical/ bleach/ fragrance-free.

What makes you excited about being chosen for the Winning Woman Spotlight? I am very humbled to have the trust from you that I can do this!

I want to live in a world where…People think twice before purchasing anything that is only used once. No more disposables!

One piece of advice for women who are starting a business: Take the measured risks! Take them!

What do you recommend people read, listen to or participate in, for development? Depending on the nature of each business idea, there will be an amazing podcast out there.

What are you most proud of in your business so far? Our brand's mission is impactful and honest.

What is the next goal in your business and how can we support you? Increasing our distribution. I will need amazing brand/marketing/digital analysts out there! And, liking and following:

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