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Website Care Plans for Ongoing Website Protection, Performance, Support and Business Results.
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A Website Is Not Set and Forget

A unmaintained website is infected with malicious malware every 0.6 seconds. If you don't protect and maintain your website, it becomes very vulnerable. If you don't maintain your website, it's going to cost you... 
Your website's software will go out of date leaving it vulnerable
You'll get infected, hacked and things will stop working
Your website could go down and you will lose business
You won't have a back up and could lose your website
You will wonder why you aren't showing up in Google
You'll pay lots for recurring hosting and software licenses
You will miss out on the latest features and functionalities
If things break, you won't know (broken links look bad!)
You won't have direct access to expert technical support and advice
Website care is like servicing your car – if you don’t have maintenance done, you will end up with problems that cost a lot to fix. Like a car, website maintenance is absolutely critical! Don't risk your website and your business. Your monthly subscription gives you everything you need for ongoing website protection, performance, support and business results.

Website Care Plan Features

Cloud Backups

Backups are your website insurance! I take regular cloud back ups of your entire current website so that if anything happens, I can restore it for you right away.

Software Licenses

I'll cover the ongoing costs for all standard premium software I use on your site. This saves you tons of money every year on annual, recurring software subscription fees.

SEO Boost

Get a search engine ranking boost to help users find your website with a free SSL certificate (worth $189/year). An SSL also increases security and trust in your business.

Unlimited Support 

I am here to support you, your website and your business with unlimited technical support, directly with the business owner. If anything goes wrong, I am right here to help. 

Software Updates

Websites use a lot of software. This needs regular updates to protect it from corruption, data loss, viruses, hackers, malware and broken functionality. Plus, you'll always have the latest features!

Performance Checks

A slow website will hurt your business a lot. Get insight into how your website is performing, any factors affecting your website and recommendations. A fast website means more business.

Uptime Monitoring

If your website goes down, it will hurt your business — a lot. Every time your website goes offline, you lose money. If it goes down, I am on it before it becomes a serious problem or business is lost.

Site Disaster Recovery

I stop hackers in their tracks with my maximum security measures. On my hosting, it’s unlikely your website will get hacked. In the unlikely event that it does, I will sort it quick smart.

Security Scanning

The worst thing about malware is that it could be on your website for months without you noticing. I am vigilant, proactive, and check daily for malware and known security vulnerabilities.

Broken Link Checks

Broken links make your business look bad! Google pushes you down the search list if you have them. Daily checks of your entire website's links means you avoid losing potential customers and money.

Monthly Report

I send you a detailed, easy to understand website report every month which outlines all of your care plan activity so that you know what is happening with your website and how it is performing.

Content Strategy*

Strategy consulting or content updates to keep your website content fresh, increase your chance of being found in Google and attract more people to your website. *Additional monthly investment required.

Get me on watch 24/7- Keeping your website performing and your business flowing.

Your website generates leads and revenue. What will it cost you if you don't protect your investment?  

A Websites That Work comprehensive website care plan gives you everything you need for ongoing website protection, performance, support and business results.

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