Why our web sites work

Anyone can build a web page - yes, even you. And building a web site isn’t that hard, either - just make lots of web pages. But creating a web site that works is more difficult - it takes some specialised skills, a lot of experience and an understanding of what makes businesses work.

Here’s why our web sites work, and why you should choose websitesthatwork to build your site.

Understanding business

There are many good graphics people out there who can create stunning images. And there are plenty of coding geeks who can live and breathe the HTML code that lies beneath a web site. But what many of the graphics people and coders don’t have is an understanding of business.

We’re different. We know what businesses are about. We are from a business background and run our own business in a business-like matter.

And because of this, we build web sites that work with your business to further the aims of your business.


Ever gone on to a web site and felt lost? A web site that makes you feel the information you’re after should be in there somewhere but you just can’t find it? That it’s not even clear how to move from one section to another? You've found a web site with bad usability.

Usability is simply the ease of use, the ease of finding information and the ease of getting around. Web sites with bad usability turn potential customers away.

We design web sites with easy-to-use designs that put everything where visitors expect to find it. The navigation structure is clear and easy to follow. The information is logically organised and signposted. And, where necessary, we use search facilities within the web site.


There are technical requirements for creating web site that work. We have a good knowledge of these requirements and the way to make you web site work to best advantage, including

  • how different browsers affect the way your web pages can be viewed. One client’s previous web site had a scrolling banner which the client thought was very important. He was shocked to discover that only people using one browser could even see that banner - their previous web designer didn’t tell them this (or possibly didn’t even know!). Our web sites work well across different browsers.
  • how different computer platforms affect the way your web pages can be viewed. The majority of your customers may use Internet Explorer on Windows-based computers, but do you really want to drive away 10-20% of your potential customers who don’t? Our web sites work well across different computer platforms.
  • how different size computer screens and screen resolutions can affect the way your web site is viewed. Our web sites take differing screen sizes and resolutions into account.
  • how download time for your web site can affect your customer’s use of your site. We develop web pages that are quick to download. Any graphics elements are optimised for quick downloading.


We’ve been building web sites for our clients since 1999. This has followed more than a decade in the graphic design business.

We’re experienced in creating material for clients that works and works well. Because of this, many of our clients have been with us for several years.


Designing web pages, constructing web site, designing navigation systems, graphics for web and print, writing, editing - you name it, it’s likely that websitesthatwork have the skills necessary for building you a web site that works.