Beaten into submission

Every week I receive emails from companies offering to submit one of my web sites to thousands of search engines. All for a fee, of course.

Trouble is, this is not very effective and usually doesn’t get you the results you may think.

The only way that a site can be submitted to thousands of search engines is via a computer program. Yet computer programs can’t get you listed with some of the biggest search directories out there, like Yahoo.

And you’re not told that many of those thousands of search engines are specilised and won’t accept your site because it’s in the wrong language, or from the wrong country.

websitesthatwork’s approach is both much simpler and much more effective.

We submit your web site to all of the major search engines - the search engines that real people use every day to find information. Plus we manually submit to the important search directories, such as Yahoo. And for New Zealand-oriented sites, we make sure that your site is listed in the local search engines.

Often, doing less very well is better than doing a lot poorly.